A juvenile perches patiently in a tree on a cold winter day. (All the images were made on Prince Edward Island, Canada)

A juvenile grabs a small fish in its talons and will fly up into a tree for a well deserved snack.

The small fish will make a tasty meal.

An eagle fishing has to take care not to get its wings too wet or it may have trouble flying.

Soaring above the river with the trees as an audience.

Resting, but always on the lookout. I don't think anything escapes the gaze of a bald eagle. 

Doing some acrobatics to line up for a landing on a tree branch.

Dinner is served!

Taking its prize to a quiet place to eat it.

Skimming the water looking for a fish.

An eagle can exert enormous power in its talons and too tight a squeeze results in a mangled fish.

I don't know what are the odds of an eagle snagging a fish, but it seems like that were catching fish in a barrel.

Another one caught.

A mature eagle with its catch of an eel.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching an eagle.

Ask long as there is a run of the small fish called gaspereaux on the Winter River there will be eagles.

Two adults hang out at the outflow from a pond in the Prince Edward Island national park in the hopes of a fish meal.

A family hangs out in a tree in Murray River, PEI where most of it is ice free for a lot of the winter and where water fowl feed. The ice will be covered by the carcasses of dead birds.

Two juveniles hanging out at a small pond.

A mature and a juvenile perched above the river.

Landing in an evergreen tree.

The old tree does not seem to be the most comfortable of perches.

Caught another one.

Homing in on a fish meal.

Getting ready to land on a branch.

C'mon move on. That's where I want to land.

Bald eagles are magnificent to watch as they soar on the air currents.

Flying off after failing to snag a fish.

Playing or fighting?

A juvenile rips open  a Canada goose it just killed.

A juvenile comes back for a second meal of a dead Canada goose.

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